We will describe how to create your account on the golf booking.com, cheapest golf booking site in Thailand.

How to sign up on thaigolfbooking.com

If you already have an account and are looking for a way to make a reservation, please refer to this article.

You can learn how to book on thaigolf booking.com

1.) Open the sign-up page

top page of thaigolfbooking.com

If you first-time user will need to register for an account.
Click “sign up” at the top right of the top page to open the sign-up page.
At that time, if you select english from the adjacent “language”, the setting will be smooth.

2.) Form in the your information

User registration screen

Fill out the your information according to the form.

・User name

This will be the ID you will use to log in next time. A combination of English and numbers is recommended.
Example: JOHN19700401 etc.

・Full name

Your name will be displayed when you make a booking, so please write it in English so that even Thai staff can understand it.


Please enter your email address.


Please enter your password. Even if you forget your password, you can reset it if your e-mail address is correct, so please set a password that is difficult to remember or imitate.

・Sign Up

After entering all the required items, check “I accept the terms and conditions” and “Not a robot” (recapture), and click “Sing up”

・Complete registration

Registration completion screen

When you registration is complete, this screen will be displayed.

3.) Check the dashboard

Dashboard is where you can check / change user information

When you log in with the information you entered, you can open “Dashbord”.
Please check your registration information here.

You can also check the dashboard from “Hi, (user name)” at the top right of the top page. “

You can also open the dashboard from “Hi, (user name)” at the top right of the top page.

・What you can do on the dashboard ?

・ Confirmation and change of user information
・ Confirmation and change of login password
・ Confirmation and change of booking status

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