Privacy Policy

1 The scope of application

  • Revolving Golf Cart is owns and operates on line golf booking services (the site) for Thai Golf Booking.
  • This website (including but not limited to the Internet, mobile network and application platform) will be in accordance with this Privacy Policy to collect, process and use your personal information, when you use this Web site services, you agree to this privacy policy and, if you have objections, please discontinue the use immediately.
  • Revolving Golf Cart reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time to reflect changes in its laws and regulations, changes in the collection and use of personal data, changes in website functions or technical updates.


2 The collection of information and use

  • This website collects personal information about your use of the s Your personal information may include your name, gender, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and payment documents (including but not limited to invoices and credit card receipts) when you use the venues and you agree to provide the above information to the site.
  • This website collects non-personally identifiable information, including your login name, IP address, geographic location, nationality and password and preferences related to specific searches as well as other general Internet usage information.
  • The personal information collected on this website is only for the use of this site in Thailand, including membership services, marketing services related to this site, with additional sites such as concessions.
  • In order to provide you with complete services, your information may be provided to the third-party companies with the site to know, including but not limited to credit card companies, customer service, the company may identify your data after reviewing large data analysis.
  • You understand and agree that in order to complete the booking of the course, it may be necessary for you to contact or confirm your reservation.
  • If you wish to inquire, access, change or exercise the rights in the personal data, please inform us by email [Please fill in the mail address of Revolving Golf Cart]. This website will contact you immediately after receipt.


3 Personal data protection and third-party provision

  • This website protects your personal data by protecting the personal data in accordance with current technology and reasonable technology and necessary ways.
  • We will not disclose your personal data to third parties or use it for any purpose other than the purpose for which it was collected, except as required by your consent or other authority.


4 The use of page labels policy

    • When you visit our website, you will agree that this site uses general information and page tags to collect and store personal data.
    • If you want to prevent your browser from accepting general information, or if you wish to receive notifications when general information are stored on your computer, please make changes in your web browser’s toolbar options.
    • If you disable or remove your general information in your web browser toolbar option, you may not be able to use the important features of this site or browse certain content and are required to re-enter your login information.
    • Third-party companies may use general information to analyze your browsing behavior on this site, and to visit this site and other sites to browse the situation, so that we can improve our sites and services.

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